The Branding Korea Series

Coinciding with the Korean government’s efforts to develop a nation brand for Korea and its moves to create an agency for the Brand Korea project, the Korea Times is publishing a series of articles by nation branding international experts on this issue. So far the most interesting articles from a nation branding perspective have been as follows:

  • October 9 – “Anything Wrong With Koreaâ??s Image Today?” by Simon Anholt
  • October 10 – “1% of Europeans Know Anything About Korea” by Neil Drewitt
  • October 12 – “Re-Branding Korean Tourism” by David A. Mason
  • October 13 – “Koreaâ??s Promotion Overseas Mismanaged” by David Kilburn
  • October 14 – “Korean Slogans Comical to Foreigners” by Tom Coyne
  • October 15 – “10-Year Plan Needed to Better Promote Attractiveness of Nation” by Kim Ji-soo
  • October 17 – “Korea Lacks in Strong Identity in Brand Positioning” by Thomas Cromwell
  • October 20 – “Fashion Critical for Upgrading Korea’s Image” by Andre Kim
  • October 21 – “Differentiation Is Missing Element in Branding Korea” by Robert Dickey
  • October 22 – “Korea Ranked 17th in National Branding Index” by Savas Hadji Kyriacou
  • October 22 – “Will Euh Yoon-dae Polish Koreaâ??s Image Globally?” by Savas Hadji Kyriacou
  • October 28 – “Seoulâ??s Frustration With National Branding Initiatives” by Michael Breen
  • October 30 – “Improve Koreaâ??s Brand at Home” by Mark E. Patton

We’ll keep an eye for forthcoming articles