Great CNBC story on nation branding

“If countries were cars, which would be the fastest, the safest and the sexiest? The answers are no accident. Nations are increasingly calling on advertising agencies to rebrand them as they have done other big business”, writes journalist Jo Bowman….

Brand China reels from lost trust

This is an oldie – an “old” 2008 article first published on Singapore’s The Business Times. It was written by Joseph Baladi, CEO at BrandAsian, shortly after the staging of the Olympics in Beijing, China. Even if somewhat old, some…

“Branding” Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a tiny central European country between Switzerland and Austria, whose mainstay is banking. Back in 2000, the OECD put the country on a blacklist due to suspicions about money-laundering and these news impacted on the country’s good name….