The (not so) silly questions of the Nation Brands Index

The Nation Brands Index has rapidly become the reference for measuring the power of country brands. We all know that it measures the reputation of countries across six aspects – Exports, Governance, Culture, People, Tourism and Immigration/Investment – and most of you also know that the NBI is made with the results coming from a survey of respondents in 35 countries who are asked about these six aspects.

But, how many of you know about the particular questions that respondents are asked in the panel? Well, the survey asks usual questions such as: “If money is not taken into consideration, would you like to visit this country on your vacations?” or “Do you think that this country makes an important contribution to the reduction of global warming?”

But it also makes -and here comes the fun- apparently silly (yet funny) questions such as:

  • “If you were unjustly arrested for a crime you did not commit, in what country would you prefer to be locked up, Morocco or Honduras?”
  • “If you lost your passport and were given one from the wrong country, which country would you prefer that to be?”
  • “If you had to share a cabin with another person for a 12-hours long train trip, would you prefer him to be Brazilian or Polish?”
  • “If you had to hire a person in your company, the two being identically prepared for it, would you choose an Argentinian or a Chilean?”
  • If you were obliged to marry somebody from another country, which country would you prefer that to be?
  • “If you had to buy a washing machine, the two being identical, would you buy the one made in Turkey or in Mexico?”
  • “Would you prefer to have a person from Germany as a close friend or as a work collegue?”
  • “For the same price, would you set up a new company in Greece or Portugal?”

Yes, asking and answering nation branding questions is fun!