Welcome to Costazzurra!

As we mentioned in our last post, the new issue of the Monocle magazine is devoted to nation branding.

One of the main stories in this issue is about Costazzurra (or Costazzurria) , an imagined country born after a succession crisis within the Grimaldi dynasty. “A failed Italy and a Grimaldi household in shambles presents the perfect opportunity for a marriage of convenience between Liguria and Monaco in 2014”, the magazine imagines. With Genoa as capital, the republic hails a return to the days when Liguria was king of the Med.

This model nation-state seats on the Mediterranean shores, in a strait of land ranging from Cannes in France to Genoa in Italy through Nice, Antibes Monaco, San Remo and Forte dei Marmi, like a modern-day Liguria. It offers citizens unbeatable climate and seaside vistas, first-rate transport links as well as superb shopping experiences (with a ban on big-chain retailers) and a potent local culture. Bynamed ‘a Switzerland on the Sea’, this political fiction nation provides the magazine with the opportunity to play a bit about nation branding.