Switzerland shares customized NBI report

Switzerland, which enjoys one of the most admired nation brands in the planet, mantains a very rich public website which revolves about its image abroad called presence.ch. A few days ago, a report prepared for Switzerland by the Anholt-GFK Roper team was published at their website.

This highlights regarding Switzerland’s brand image are remarked in this report as follows:

  • Switzerland ranks 8th overall in the 2008 NBISM
  • Germany, China, and Poland are the most positive about Switzerland ranking it in their top 5 nation brands overall
  • Sweden gives Switzerland consistently low ratings, including 16th in the overall NBI
  • Switzerland ranks 7th for the exports hexagon point, boosted by the exceptional reputation of its products and services
  • 53% of panelists chose banking as Switzerland’s trademark industry
  • Switzerland has a No.1 ranking for governance, ranking 1st (or tying for 1st) for 4 out of 5 of the component questions of the hexagon dimension
  • Its worst hexagon dimension result is for culture at 18th place
  • It has a 5th Place ranking for the people hexagon dimension, scoring very strongly on reputation of producing valuable employees
  • Its 8th place ranking for tourism is helped by its renowned natural beauty as it has relatively weak rankings for having historic buildings and monuments (16th) and for having a vibrant city life and urban attractions (12th)
  • Argentina, Poland, and Russia all rank Switzerland 1st for Immigration/Investment (4th overall). Globally, it is tied for 1st for quality of life and for caring about equality in society

Switzerland’s results in the 2008 NBI are broadly in line with previous editions of the study, showing that its position amongst the world’s most admired countries remains strong. The report can be consulted here.