Greece’s nation brand: two interviews

The Athens-based International Communication Policy Forum (ICP Forum) is an institution which aims to sensibilize both Greek administrations and SME’s about the importance of Greece’s image and the need of understanding it strategically. With this objective in mind, the ICP Forum is performing a great job providing information on trends about international communication policy, organizing meetings and lectures to discuss the topic and publishing fresh content both offline and online.

In the last two weeks, the ICP Forum has interviewed two nation branding experts, Keith Dinnie and Nicolas Papadopoulos (both were included at our 2008 list of the top-ten most influential nation branding experts), who have shared their opinion on country brands and especially nation branding applied to Greece in two very interesting interviews.

Mr. Dinnie was interviewed by the ICP Forum staff on occasion of his visit to Athens, where he was to deliver a keynote presentation called “Nation branding and country image: Opportunities and limitations of a media-centric approach” at the Athens Institute for Education and Research. On his part, Mr. Papadopoulos was interviewed as he is is both of Greek origin and one of the most celebrated experts in the country of origin effect.

The two original interviews by the ICP Forum follow can be also read here and here (caution, some paragraphs in Greek characters appear).