Some of you have reported some problems when navigating this website this weekend. The reason is that over this weekend we have been moving to a new, larger and faster web server. In the last months we have been constantly surpassing all data transfer limits, and it was time for a big hardware upgrade. The new server is capable of serving more pages to more people in less time.

Additionally, coinciding with the move to a more powerful server, has been enhanced with some minor improvements. Besides software changes “under the hood”, the most visible changes are:

– The new News & Tweets column on the homepage will include news about nation branding as always, but now also tweets. This change will allow us to publish more relevant news, on a more frequent basis. It also means that the automated, Google-based system posting of news, which sometimes included news not too relevant to nation branding or news in languages other than English, will work better now.

– Both articles/features and blog posts are now socialized, which means that they are easier for you now to share them in social media/networking sites. Social media websites included for this one-click sharing feature are Twitter, Yahoo! Buzz,, Digg, Facebook, MySpace, Ping, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

– We have added links to’s LinkedIn group, as well as, which has been absorbed and will now be part of (have a look at

Some minor bugs have been fixed too, but if you encounter anything not working properly, please let me know. Additionall, I’ve been out of e-mail service for a couple of weeks so I’ve got plenty of them unresponded and I am still catching up with them. By the way, from now on please forward your e-mails to instead of the former email address. Thank you!!