Brand Africa forum video marathon

Several video clips have been posted on the Internet about the recent Brand Africa forum, and we’ve compiled them all on this video marathon. The first one is made of some cuts from speeches by Dambisa Moyo, Miller Matola and Simon Anholt, and the second one is the nation branding panel’s highlights, while the third one is Simon Anholt‘s speech.

Dambisa Moyo is the author of the controversial book Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How there is a Better Way for Africa, which details the inefficacy of development aid for poor countries. It’s interesting to notice that her views on foreign aid have something in common with Simon Anholt’s ‘foreign aid gives with one hand and takes with the other’ school of thought.

Miller Matola is the CEO at the International Marketing Council of South Africa. A former top executive in several tourist-related enterprises, he is now on charge of Brand South Africa. No need to introduce the third speaker featured on the clips, Simon Anholt – in one phrase he could be defined as the world’s leading authority in nation brands (not nation branding!).