Interview with a Country Brand Index representative

Last week we reported about BrandingKorea publishing an interesting interview with Xiaoyan Zhao, a representative of the Nation Brands Index. Now it’s turn for Victoria Berry, a representative from FutureBrand’s Country Brand Index, to be interview by Clement Brossard and David Robert. Here are some of the interview’s highlights:

About the Country Brand Index’s nature:

The Country Brand Index is designed to measure perceptions of country brand strength across multiple dimensions. Its objective is to measure people’s perceptions and provide a consistent framework for improving these perceptions. The Index is a ranking of countries according to their individual brand strength, its purpose is to provide a sense of relative position against regional and global competitor country brands, as well as a benchmark by which to measure change in brand strength over time. But it also serves to advise country brands, helping to show which areas could benefit from a different focus or a change of strategy. However, while the Country Brand Index does look at the perceptions of country brands relating to tourism, business, culture and politics, the Index does not seek to present an absolute measure of country brand value, political or economic power – this is the work of other research.

About the differences between the Country Brand Index and the Nation Brands Index:

CBI surveys 3,400 people in 13 countries, which is not as extensive as NBI’s sample of 20,000 in 50 countries. However, CBI respondents are experienced and frequent international travelers, and CBI supplements the quantitative survey with a qualitative panel of travel industry experts. Having a targeted sample of frequent travelers and industry experts enables CBI to tap into a much deeper base of relevant knowledge. While both Indexes are now annual, CBI looks at a much more comprehensive cross-section of the world’s leading countries by tracking the performance and status of 110 countries.

Interview made by Clement Brossard and David Robert. You can read the full interview here.