Survey on Brand Japan published

Following the March 11 disaster, Interbrand conducted a survey to understand changes in the way “Brand Japan” is perceived overseas.

The survey looked at changes in perceptions about Japan before and after the disaster among consumers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. The survey covered five industries: automotive, consumer electronics, cosmetics and toiletries, food and beverages, and apparel.

The survey’s main finding’s were five:

  • Following the disaster in Japan, overall perceptions of “Brand Japan” fell 12
    percentage points (pp).
  • In China there is a strong perception that “Japanese products are contaminated
    with radioactive materials,” and as a result perceptions dropped 22 percentage
    points (pp).
  • There was significant impact on overall perceptions of Japanese food and
    beverages (down 20 pp) and Japanese cosmetics and toiletries (down 13 pp).
  • Perceptions of “safety” and “reliability,” usually considered pillars of strength for
    Japanese brands, were damaged (down 17 pp and 14 pp, respectively).
  • The effects of the disaster on perceptions differ greatly by country and by
    category. Brand owners need to understand the situation in each market
    before taking action.

To read the full report in PDF format, click here.