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We’re pleased to announce that the new book “Nation Branding” is now available.

“Nation Branding – A handbook on how to use country brands for the good of nations and peoples” is an invaluable book for scholars, marketers and policymakers trying to leverage the power of country brands. Written by Andreas Markessinis, this handbook explores concepts, aspects, best practices and usual mistakes in the field, and critically addresses current trends, issues and achievements in a comprehensive manner, exploring new and emerging directions being taken by the countries leading the pack. Over its pages, the reader will learn the intricacies of nation branding, from theory to practice and covering from strategy to execution, with examples from across the world. Beautifully illustrated, the book provides the foundations as well as enlightening guidance on how to build, manage, nurture and enhance country brands.

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Here’s the book’s synopsis:

In spite of the increasing interest by academics, consultants and public policymakers, there are still diverging and incohesive notions about nation branding and the field remains both challenging and underexplored.

This handbook attempts to shed some light in a comprehensive manner with an accessible, jargon-free fresh approach. The book sets out the foundations of nation branding, explaining key concepts and providing a reference theoretical model with its core components. Later, the book explores the idea of identity and purpose, and how they are connected with national image.

The importance of provenance is also addressed, and the impact the country of origin has on products, brands and people is examined. The book goes on to explore the visual aspects of country brands and studies the significant symbology representing the nation. Finally, the book also analyzes the good, the bad and the ugly of nation brands, and suggests tips for improvement.

Although written in plain English, the book provides an excellent in-depth approach and outlines all of the basic tools and assets needed to manage and enhance a country brand, with dozens of illustrative examples from across the world.

It sets out the ground rules for successful nation branding in the 21st century, explaining why understanding the dynamics of national identity and reputation, branding and policy-making is so crucial for the performance of countries.

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nation branding book
nation branding book
nation branding book