Nation branding mottos

From several sources, some humoristic mottos to accompany a country logo:

  • Great Britain: “No motto please, we’re British” (elected in Times of London)
  • Austria: “No Kangaroos”
  • Liechtenstein: “Come Visit (Just Don’t All Come at Once)”
  • Monaco: “Disneyland for Adults — and Almost Twice as Large”
  • China: “Come Visit Your Money”
  • Germany: “It is not necessary to have a humorous slogan”
  • Mexico: “We’ll think about that motto tomorrow”
  • France: “[Motto writers on strike in solidarity with the truffle sorters]”
  • India: “For more information press 1”
  • Singapore: “So Freaking Small, Only an Idiot Would Get Lost Here”

What is remarkable is that all of them build on well-known stereotypes which are shared across the world, which informally proves that they really have a critical share in how a country is imagined.

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