The Slovenia brand book

In late 2009 an article was published titled “Branding Slovenia”. Even if it was just a nation branding experiment, it shed some light on Slovenia’s brand image and how the half-Alpine, half-Adriatic country was trying to manage its reputation. Some weeks later, we had Maja Konecnik as guest writer, sharing her opinion on the Slovenian nation brand issue. Her contribution shed, from an insider’s point of view, valuable and relevant, additional light on the topic.

The thing that had not been focused in depth, however, was how Slovenia as a country was approaching its nation branding strategy. This is exactly what it is being intended with the publication of this paper. The document below is Slovenia’s brand book, and it is very interesting because it shows the country’s brand identity, the core of Slovenia’s brand, and how the history of Slovenia and Slovenians is leveraged for the country’s brand identity. It also features Slovenia’s brand positionment in the areas of Economy, Tourism, Arts and Culture, Science and Sport. Very interesting indeed.