Is this a viral video for Slovenia’s promotion?

Is this a viral video for Slovenia’s nation branding? If not, it should! It has everything it needs: it’s fresh, it’s natural, it’s fun and it tells a genuine story about Slovenia and Slovenians.

See for yourself:

So, there you have it. This video says something about Slovenians: that they are young, that they are internationally-minded, that are well-educated and speak good English, that they are tech-savvy, that they are uncomplexed – and that they know how to have fun. And it makes the country a service, by educating in a compelling way and format about the Slovenia-Slovakia confusion issue.

With over 100,000 views on her video, this girl is now one of Slovenia’s most powerful representants in the world. Governments should be aware that these things happen in the Internet era: someone with a video camera posts a video on YouTube and in a few weeks they become by fact more powerful than dozens of Slovenian embassies all over the world together.

Meet the new, web-based, user-generated, international diplomacy. Ambassadors are so 19th century!