Wolff Olins on Brand America

Is America still the ‘New World’, or is it aging and another, fresher ‘New World’ is emerging on the other side of the Pacific? Are the values of America still alive? Does America still live up to the American spirit? Do US immigration officers deliver the real ‘Brand America’ to foreigners? Do embassies abroad convey the idea of the ‘land of the free’? Does America need a refreshment in terms on how it behaves, how it speaks, how it delivers?

These are interesting questions, and it’s true that the election of Barack Obama and his shift in American policies are changing US image abroad. But probably many will think that the country needs more of this kind of changes over a larger period of time to have America’s image restored – to establish it again as a country of prestige, opportunities and freedoms – true America again.

Some of these issues appeared on the following audio interview: Monocle magazine editor Tyler Brûle interviews Karl Heiselman, CEO of branding agency Wolff Olins for his comments and ideas on Brand America.