Obama re-brands America

For years, many of those who follow the nation brands phenomenon have bemoaned the loss of American credibility and subsequent brand strength in the world. There were many symptoms of Brand America’s power loss: Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, Axis of Evil, Florida, Shock and Awe, Hurricane Katrina. Then along comes one guy who steps into this media and mind space to reboot Amerca’s image in the world in just a manner of a year.

Indeed, Barack Obama has trumped Brand America. Not only Obama is already the most iconic American president since Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, but he is a gigantic brand in itself. Moreover, the fact that such a brand has been elected by the American people is a brand message to the world. Definitely, America is seen very different now.

American foreign policy is expected to turn gentler, American companies to turn more environmentally aware, American society to turn less angry with its political class, American export products are seen as more sympathetic now, American tourists abroad are seen more friendly now. The image of America and of Americans, Brand America as a whole, has dramatically improved over the past few weeks. I can’t wait to see Anholt’s Nation Brand Index and Future Brand’s Country Brands Index to corroborate this improvement of Brand America, I’m sure the progression will be evident.