Slovenia launches branding initiative

From Greek mythology and Russian roulette to Japanese technology and Brazilian football, references to countries are all around us. Slovenia possesses many wonderful and distinct features; its government earnestly working on its global reputation.

At the end of October, the Ministry of Economy received the business document and handbook of the Slovenia brand. The Ministry of Economy will familiarise itself with the documents, communicate them to an inter-ministerial reading and present them to the Government. The brand of Slovenia is expected to be revealed by the end of the year, before the Slovene presidency of the European Union.

The logo ‘I feel Slovenia’ and slogan “Slovenijo ?utim” (I feel Slovenia) proved to be the right choice in the process of establishing and managing of the brand as the identity of the Slovenia brand is primarily composed of senses and feelings.

Origins of the Slovenia brand

The Slovenia brand was ‘born’ in February 2007, when the Government approved the slogan ‘I feel Slovenia’ and appointed the Ministry of Economy for the implementation of the process of acquisition of the Slovenia brand identity. After four months, the project of establishing and managing the Slovenia brand was presented by to the broader public.

At the presentation, Marjan Hribar, Director-General of the Directorate for Tourism, emphasised that “building of a brand is a great challenge and it is time that we confront this challenge in a comprehensive and systematic manner. Creating a brand is maybe the most powerful marketing tool available. With its brand, Slovenia will be presented in all areas in a coherent and uniform way. This will also lead to synergic effects of communication.” Further, Hribar explained that “If the target audience accepts the desired image, the brand will help us acquire a better reputation and better performance in economic, cultural, political and other areas”.

Brand building is making a step forward

The agency Pristop, chosen as the operator of establishing and managing of the Slovenia brand, communicated the business document and handbook of the Slovenia brand to the Ministry of Economy. The extensive document encompasses a concept and methodology of the Slovenia brand building, examination and analysis of the previous attempts to establish the Slovenia brand, analysis of individual brands of selected states, course, analysis and results of the Delfi study and results of quantitative web survey held among the visitors of and a wider circle of experts.

The detailed description of the Slovenia brand and individual areas that compose the brand is probably the most important segment of the document. Furthermore, it contains guidance of the Slovenia brand presentation and proposes tools, channels, distribution system, aims and target audiences that are included in the communication strategy proposal.

The operators of the notice proposed that ‘Slovene green’ forms the core of the Slovenia brand identity. They further explained that “green is more than a colour in Slovenia. It is ‘Slovene green’ that expresses the balance between calmness of nature and diligence of the Slovene people. It stands for intact nature and our focus to keep it that way, for lifestyle equilibrium and an orientation towards nature.

Last but not least, ‘Slovene green’ represents the harmony of all senses that help us to experience Slovenia. One never remembers Slovenia in images, but as the scent of forest, the murmur of stream, the astonishing taste of spring water and the softness of wood.”

After obtaining opinion and consensus on the Slovenia brand, its identity and content, the Ministry of Economy will make further steps in establishing and managing the brand. This encompasses not only the revival of the brand but also its management and establishment of the function manager of the Slovenia brand.

At the WTM London tourist fair in November 2007, the Slovenian Tourist Organization will present itself with a new stand equipped with the ‘I feel Slovenia’ logo and proposed visual elements of the Slovenia brand.